Hihi!! Welcome to my website!!

I usually go by ichi online as he's my little blob cat persona thing, but you can call me Cassie/Cass if you want aswell!~♪
I draw stuff and sometimes make music under ii★chi, and I'm also super interested in ukagaka stuff ^__^ Pretty obvious but i'm a big fan of Aqua lulll
Also I make stuff in PMXe, but I'm still learning with a lot of it - so i'm kind of inexperienced in comparison to a lotta other ppl in the community ><

This is honestly mostly just a site for all my links to stuff (as I was using a shitty carrd before uhu...), but theres a cool quiz on here that I made that you can take to find out what character of mine you are!

Anyway enjoy looking thru the site!! Also HUGEEE creds and thank you to Yui ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ (Button to the site in top right) He was the one who set this up for me, SUPER cool guy you should def check his site out too he's awesome and so is his music :DD
And alsooooo Killy! Creds to her for the Aqua mmd model she made that I used on here, which is also on the right! Her site is super cool and shes super talented with her models n art!!!